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“Legacy Technologies – A Computer Company you can trust.”

Legacy Information Technologies Prices and Rates

What can the customers of Legacy Information Technologies expect?  The service that is reliable, prompt, and helpful to the growth of your business.

Legacy Technologies is a Network and System Design company.  We service, upgrade, and repair your existing computer/server systems as well as design custom computer/server systems for your specific needs. 

Legacy Technologies has been designing and deploying networks for 14 years and has experience with all types of network design options to suit the business tasks your company faces.  Many of the network options include; VPN, Remote Connection, Remote Backup, Application Servers, Fileservers, Gigabyte Networking, Cabling, Network Rack Design, Cable Management, and much more.  When it comes to networking Legacy Technologies employees the best network specialists. We offer Remote Maintenance Service for customers who are outside our service area and prefer to use dedicated computer technicians to keep their systems spyware and virus free.

 I am excited at every new decision to make your business easier to manage from your fingertips.  In order to share that information safely you must have a computer network that is up to date and free of problems

  •   The computer systems must be virus and spyware free.
  •  The network must be free of bottle necks that will slow down the transfer of information.
  •  You also must have a computer specialist that is knowledgeable in all these areas and ready to be there when you need them.

 I am committed to be your company’s computer consultant, ready to consult with you about decisions that need to be made concerning your computer and software needs.