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Virtual Private Networking

 Legacy Technologies can develop a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for your business.

 A VPN links your remote computers into one network just as it would be in the office.  This service offers the flexibility of using your computer inside or outside your business network seamlessly with access thru the Internet.  This is a great service to employees who need secure access to the office network to transfer files from their local computer to the business network.  The difference between VPN and Remote Access is that with Virtual Private Networking the employee has the ability to transfer files from their local computer to the network server without using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). 

Virtual Private Networking

FTP allows users to edit and transfer files on the network computer from anywhere in the world.  VPN is the combination of Remote Access and File Transfer Protocol. 

VPN uses a hardware firewall appliance to give secure access to the total network in the office building from a client computer outside the network.  The client computers require software including username and password to join the VPN with just a click of a button.  Along with the client application that you would use on the client computers, the VPN appliance can create a tunnel from one business location to another business location with a VPN appliance in place on the network.  This tunnel allows the two business locations to be located on one shared network.  This works great for companies who have many remote offices that need to all be linked to one database for their programs. 


This same VPN Tunnel can also link Phone Systems so that business number one will be able to dial an extension to transfer a call to business number two.  Contact us at if you have any other questions about this service.